Software Products

Over the years from 1989 onwards many software products where designed, developed (also by TriMetriks Software Solutions) and implemented for many customers:


CompanyProduct Name, DomainDescriptionTechnologyYear
International BaccalaureateSWORD V2 ZIP Uploader, education/publisherThis utility is able to grab, group and import structured data (Excel), produce IBMAP/DC/LOM description XMLs, create SWORD V2 ZIP packages and upload these to DSpace MS VB, REST, HTTP, HTTPS, MS Excel DSpace22014
International BaccalaureateHTTPS DSpace REST API Tester, education/publisherThis Utility tests the DSpace HTTPS REST API, logs in and calls a DSpace resource fetch REST endpointMS VB, REST, HTTP, HTTPS, MS ExcelDSpace22014
International BaccalaureateMS AD DSpace resources authorization Management Utility, education/publisherThis Utility manages the authorization to DSpace resources, by managing the membership to specific AD security groups for usersMS C#.Net, LDAP, MS ADDSpace22014
siemens2Business Application Migration Reporting Dashboard for Powerpoint, IndustryReporting Dashboard to create from the migration CMDB a management DashboardMS VB, PowerPoint, , MS Excel2012
KPNAvaMan, TelecomITIL SM availability reporter Utility, based on several monitoring datastreams from a data centers, calculates server and ultimately Business Services AvailabilityMS VB, MS Excel2011
KPNAvMan, TelecomBackup Reporter Utility, based on several monitoring datastreams (e.g. EMC) from a data centers, produces a backup report for Business Services MS VB, MS Excel2011
trimetriks software solutionscapem®Datacenter DCIM Capacity, Performance, Availability Management Forecasting Client Server Web Application MS C#.Net, Silverlight, MVC/MVP2010-2014
binckbankAutomated Risk Management Project Utility, Banking/FinanceAutomated RISK Management Utility log to maintain project issues, risks, decisions and actions (RIAD)MS VB, MS Excel2008
saraleeMIS for VDS, FoodManagement Information System for coffie vending machines (VDS), produces Dashboard (Gallery 300 and 400 models)MS C++, MS Foundation Classes2000
Sabic_logoGeneral ElectricZymark Robot Script Instructor, IndustryZymark Robot Script Instructor Utility enables the user to write his own human understandable Robot control scripts to control a Zymark RobotBorland Pascal, RS232Zymark21989, 1992
Sabic_logoGeneral ElectricZwick Pendulum Testing Application, IndustryZwick Pendulum Testing Application zwick_logo Utility to enable the user to test all sorts of plastics produced and record its characteristics connected to LIMSBorland Pascal, Zwick Pendulum1989, 1992
Sabic_logoGeneral ElectricLIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), IndustryLIMS was created at the time to connect all sorts of measurement devices from the testing laboratory, process their data and create management reportsBorland Pascal1989, 1992
fujiLogistics/production interface for photo film plant, , IndustryAutomated Bi-Directional Interface between Photo Film Production (On DEC VAX) and SAP 3.08B PP/MM MS VB, MS Excel, SAP ABAP, DEC VAX and PDP 11 1999
Nieaff SmittClock Auction System, Auction Systems/IndustryModernized version of the Clock Auction SystemMS C++, MS Foundation Classes1995-1997
Nieaff SmittRemote Buyer Sales system, Auction Systems/IndustryRemote Buyer, Sales system (Telesales)MS C++, MS Foundation Classes1995-1997
Nieaff SmittS1000 Auction sales bench, Auction Systems/IndustryAuction Sales bench system, typically found in most Dutch auctionsEmbedded C for Microcontroller 8510, Pascal, S1000 (based on ArcNet) 1995-1997
vltAutomobile Testing Street Modules, Automotive/Testing/Industry Automobile Testing Street Modules to connect all sorts of automobile testing devices and produce one testing street MS Visual C++, MS Foundation Classes1993-1995
vltautomobile Speedometer TesterAutomobile Speedometer TesterEmbedded C/Pascal for 8510 microcontroller, in circuit emulator/tester1993-1995
vltAutomobile Wheel Alignment TesterAutomobile Wheel Alignment TesterEmbedded C/Pascal for 8510 microcontroller, EPROM in circuit emulator/tester1993-1995
vltAutomobile Brake System TesterAutomobile Brake System TesterEmbedded C/Pascal for 8510 microcontroller, EPROM in circuit emulator/tester1993-1995
vltBrake Tester for Aerospatiale (France)Brake Tester state machine for Aerospatiale (France) to enable very slow breaking via as state machine mechanismBorland Pascal, Delphi1993-1995
ectLogistic Container Back-Processing ModulesBack-end Logistic Container Processing Modules, year 2000 mitigationOpen VMS C++1999
saraleeAutomated Labeler to create labels for production plantAutomated Labeler to create labels for production plantMS Word Basic1993
ectStraddle Carrier Container Displacement Straddle Carrier Container Displacement OS UpgradeEmbedded Pascal, Borland Pascal1998
intomartDocument Compiler/GeneratorAutomated Document Printer (compiling documents from information from different sources)MS Visual C++1997
Overview of all Fontein ICT's software products
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