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The International Baccalaureate (org), Publisher, educational [January 2013–December 2014]

Roles: Solution (Enterprise) Architect, Project Manager, IAM Strategy Consultant, Business Consultant

Short project description: SharePoint 2013 was adopted by the IB as centralized ECM/CMS technology platform for publishing. For the public Website a different CMS (EpiServer) was chosen. The IB plans to modernize their digital outlet services (1st OCC, WRC released in 2003), introduce SSO and a SSO Portal for the IB Community, a centralized / rationalized social  collaboration platform and at the same time introduce a new (open source) centralized content repository (DSpace). To make this happen next to the gathering/vetting of  the business requirements for the new web services, the translation/classification of these requirements into functional and non-functional system requirements, a new organization wide metadata schema needed to be developed (named IBMAP) to be able manage content in a proper manner. In a typical install DSpace appears in the frontend to deliver the end-user experience. Since the IB choose to let SharePoint deliver these, DSpace (and the Lexaurus vocabulary bank) were now designated as back-end system, for which a REST API integration needed to be designed to be able to deliver a synchronized and performant system.
Additional challenges where that the application landscape, cluttered social collaboration space, integrations and how these related to the business processes where unknown and that central reference was not instantiated nor a proper definition of an IB community profile elements and responsive design elements.

Objectives: helping the IB (global organization) to developed and implement a new modernized (B2C), state of the art digital solutions (including an App Store), to replace their aged existing digital services connected to both the new to developed and implement eLibrary, and Webshop, introduce a centralized (SSO) way for IB community members to access IB’s digital business services and to re-enforce IB’s position in the digital market place, 6.5 Mio Project, team size 8 FTE.

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