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Implementation Methods

An implementation can be done in many ways, there’s no real right or wrong. However, the implementation needs to start with an implementation assessment. basically stating “Are we ready for this?”, actually formulating an overall┬ácapability plan. Steps to carry out could be; Implementation Assessment, you can incorporate the enterprise business vision in this assessment, what resources should be involved an committed to this? How do we determine the degree of involvement for business resources in their daily jobs vs. project involvement; Determine the entire vision, where do we want to be in ..?; Create an implementation plan.

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Determine Implementation Degree and prerequisites

Any implementation degree can be determined by using the IMM best practice. Fontein ICT has articulated experience in determining the implementation degree.

Pre-requisites for a successful implementation:

  • Guard the scope, preferable no changes to the plan
  • Clear organization structure
  • Involve the internal client (your employees)
  • Communicate ! (failure and success)
  • The business leads
  • In case of external vendors, they need to have a strong counterpart in your organization

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Why do implementations fail?

Implementations can fail e.g. due to the following reasons, please click read more to find out why.

  • Incompetent Management
  • Vague strategic vision
  • Inadequate articulated and detailed vision
  • No centralized implementation plan
  • Inadequate planning and control
  • Adverse political interests
  • Culture of fear

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