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Hayco Plantinga

Fontein ICT Advies was founded beginning 2010 by Hayco Plantinga (professional experience over 25 years). Fontein ICT’s services are focussed on the following:



  • Implementation Assessments and Implementations ranging from CRM, ERP and ECM/DMS systems, best of breed market solutions are used to perform these assessments like ‘IRA’ and ‘IMM’, but also our professional experience
  • SoftwareĀ Engineering in general

Short Career Description

Hayco Plantinga has multiple years international multicultural experience as project manager and consultant with i.e.; proprietary/open source package selections, data protection (laws), procurement (law), legal, HR and contracting (law), business change management, software package migration, data migrations and data transformations (ETL), complex (data) integrations, migration tooling, middleware, cloud services, CRM, ERP and DMS software implementations, functionality analysis, organizational analysis, writing of international tender documents (RFP, RFI, RFQ) international tenders, preparation of (design) documentation in general, vendor selection (both near- and off-shore), mediation, software development through various methodologies (publishing) workflow implementations.

Hayco Plantinga has experience as Solution Designer, architect, software development, testing and optimization specialist, Software Environment Deployment Specialist, Debugging, SCM & configuration, release and branch management, build strategies, library management, scripting, both with the preparation and validation of user requirements to a technical implementation, software build management

Understanding of cultures, etymology and speaking their languages isĀ important, Hayco Plantinga speaks Dutch as mother tongue, but also mastered business fluent English, German and Turkish.

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